Sydney Harwin - Mommy Time

Sydney Harwin – Mommy Time

You know it feels good, so why does it also feel wrong when Mommy touches it? Her hand firm around your stiffy, tugging you to orgasm. You cum in Mommys hand. Usually this is when you both say goodnight, but tonight is different… Mommy seems different… everything is different now. Mommy wants you to experience sex with her for the first time. You don’t know if this is something you want, but Mommy doesn’t give you a choice. Mommy knows best, and if she tells you to push your erection inside of her, then you should do it without question. You love your Mommy so much and you know she loves you, too… Mommy just makes you feel a bit awkward sometimes… maybe its because you should never have sex with family, especially your biological Mother.


Sydney Harwin - Mommy Time

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