Sydney Harwin - Devious Mom

Sydney Harwin – Devious Mom

Your Mom doesn’t want you to leave her for collage, she wants you to stay with her otherwise she might get lonely, plus she knows that most college boys don’t return to their Momma’s when they meet a girl and start to build a life. She tells you it’s okay, but you can see in her eyes that she’s less than impressed with your decision. You are a little shocked when your Momma wants to say a proper goodbye to you, and it’s more than a kiss on the cheek she’s after… You worry you might get her pregnant, but she reassures you she is on the pill. Even when you hear this news, you are still very reluctant, but your Mom has a way of wrapping you around her finger like nobody else can… What you don’t realise yet, is that your Mother isn’t really on the pill, and her whole plan is to get pregnant by you so that you will be made to stay home and take care of her and your new little sister…daughter together.


Sydney Harwin - Devious Mom

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