Stacy Sadistic - Mommy Teaches Masturbation

Stacy Sadistic – Mommy Teaches Masturbation

When my daughter, Blair Glass, asked me to sign her permission slip to attend sex ed class, I was shocked! The curriculum was an outdated, ineffective, abstinence-only model that encouraged students to wait until marriage before having sex. It even shamed them for masturbating! I blame the pressure our conservative community has been putting on the local school board. They are the biggest reason our county has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country =/ Of course I didn’t sign the form. But I couldn’t just leave her uninformed either. I knew that she would find things out one way or another. I wanted to make sure that she got her facts right, and learned about sexual health in a safe and accepting environment. When she told me that she had never masturbated before, I was really surprised. Masturbation is the most important part of sexual health, and I wanted to make sure she was doing it right. I told her how to do it, but it seemed like she had a little trouble. I thought she might be shy to masturbate in front of me, so I started demonstrating my own masturbation techniques. I wanted to make sure she really enjoyed her first time, so I even helped her out a little bit with my mouth, my hands, and my favorite toy.


Stacy Sadistic - Mommy Teaches Masturbation

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