Sophia Sylvan – Jumping Momэs Bones

I’m a witch and you’re my boyfriend and now that it is Halloween, I am at the peak of my power and I am tired of you not taking my magic seriously. I have a skeleton in my bed with me and I’m dressed in a sexy witch costume, which has you horny. The skeleton looks oddly real however…I decide to prove my power to you once and for all. I cast a spell and make you do my bidding, with a boner that won’t quit, you’ll fuck whatever and whoever I tell you. You’ve always been a mama’s boy, I always felt compared to her, even now that she’s passed away. So I dug up her bones and pieced them together with glue, thread, and magic. You’re going to jump your mother’s bones since you’ve always wanted her, haven’t you! Put your dick in her bony mouth, let her suck you off and give you kisses. Then I put her boney fingers up your ass, haha you are like her puppet, doing and saying whatever she wanted. So I stuff her whole hand up your loser asshole. I accidentally pull off her whole arm, so I put the big end of her humerus up your butt, then make you lick it clean. Now it’s time to really give your step-mom the bone. I position her doggystyle and make you stick your dick in her bony pelvis. She doesn’t have much left to love now, does she? I’m so much better, you’re so stupid for being obsessed with her, me, here, a living witch, powerful, strong, alive and curvaceous. Compare us. Now cum on your mother’s bones and lick it clean, can’t have her going back in the grave defiled!


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