Hannah in Fetishland - Mommy Dearest 1080p

Hannah in Fetishland – Mommy Dearest 1080p

Junior (POV) comes home from a semester at college to find Mommy home alone in the living room appearing upset with Dad and uncharacteristically sipping on wine. Junior and Mommy start with some small talk about college, but Mommy is distracted, tipsy, and angry with Dad. Junior asks Mommy why she is so upset, but Mommy is hesitant to share. However, with some cajoling, Mommy breaks. Mommy feels as though Dad no longer sees her as a woman, and to cap it off, she recently found some “dirty pictures” on the family laptop. In short, Mommy’s womanly insecurities are shining through. She’s completely trusting of Junior at this point, but she doesn’t realize that he has a lecherous side. In fact, she has no idea that those “dirty pictures” are actually his. Immediately, he crafts a plan to take advantage of her vulnerability. Through flattery and exploiting her trust and tipsy state, he convinces her that they can make Dad appreciate her as a woman again if she surprises him with some pin-up style photos of herself. Mommy is somewhat skeptical at first but intrigued by the idea. Her biggest fear is being vulnerable to a shady, unfamiliar photographer, but Junior proposes to take the photos himself since he is studying photography at college. With some apprehension, Mommy finally agrees. Since Mommy has no idea how to pose, she asks Junior for explicit instructions. He guides her through a series of poses. He starts out focusing mainly on her legs and gets more suggestive and provocative from there. Junior convinces Mommy to expose more skin by first telling her to raise her skirt or unbutton a few buttons, but then things escalate as he convinces her to remove her clothing piece by piece with some up-skirt, butt, and cleavage poses along the way. As they proceed, Mommy’s confidence builds. Ultimately, as Junior is taking photos of Mommy massaging and pushing together her bare breasts, Mommy can’t help but notice the giant bulge in Junior pants. Though somewhat shocked at first, she can’t help but feel proud of the possibility that she is the cause. She is compelled to ask Junior to show it to her. It’s the largest cock she has ever seen, and she is in awe of its size, girth, and hardness. She asks Junior if it was Mommy who made him hard. Upon confirmation, she now knows that she is a truly desirable woman and Dad is simply unworthy of her. Desiring total validation, Mommy wants to see a real man orgasm to her even if it is her son. So, she instructs Junior to stroke his giant cock and sensually teases him with her body until he has a massive orgasm.As Mommy basks in her renewed confidence, Junior says that he has a confession to make which of course Mommy is very open to hearing. Junior bluntly states that the “dirty pictures” actually belong to him. In response, Mommy exhibits an expression of utter shame and rage at how she has allowed herself to be manipulated. However, what’s done is done, and there’s nothing she can do. Furthermore, Junior’s camera has already uploaded the pictures to the cloud. The video ends with the insinuation that Junior is blackmailing Mommy for further lascivious activity with Mommy in a desperate, embarrassed state.

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Hannah in Fetishland - Mommy Dearest 1080p

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