Sloansmoans - Mommy's Cum Eating Cuck

Sloansmoans – Mommy’s Cum Eating Cuck

The scene begins with you sneaking into my room as I’m having sex. I’m riding my lover and begging for his cum when I see you out of the corner of my eye. I don’t stop fucking him and I don’t tell you to leave, I keep going and let you watch me. You think I won’t mention it, but after he leaves, I call you into my room and confront you. I’m upset and can’t believe that I have to scold you for watching me have sex. I tell you how wrong it is, how disgusting it is. But then I notice you getting hard as I berate you. This makes it clear to me who you really are: my cum eating cuck. You were destined to clean me up and eat the cum out of my pussy after I fuck whomever I please. I degrade you and dominate you verbally until I tell you to get on your knees and eat the cum out of my pussy now. I continue to dirty talk and humiliate you as you eat up all the cum and when you’re finished I see how hard you are and I know you want to release. I give you a handjob and tease you by being cruel and reminding you how pathetic you are. I decide to give you a countdown from 10-1 so you can explode. I remind you of what you are and what you’re good for: only eating the cum out of my pussy. Will I get to 1? Will I let you cum?


Sloansmoans - Mommy's Cum Eating Cuck

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