Sloansmoans - A Quickie with Teacher

Sloansmoans – A Quickie with Teacher

Watch as you walk into your teachers office one day after school. She allows you to come in and makes a comment about how you did so well on your last exam after the last “tutoring” session you two had. She then quickly brushes you off, telling you she needs to leave soon, but you… you have another plan. You tell her that you came to her office to do something dirty and naughty with her. She scoffs and tells you that you guys can’t do anything in her office because she’s at work. She asks you to leave and you stand firmly and tell her that you want her now. She is taken aback at how demanding you’re being, after all, you were so timid and shy the first time you two were together. You tell her that you want her to strip for you. She can’t believe your new found confidence and it actually starts to turn her on so she gives you a strip tease. As she’s showing off her ass to you you slap it hard multiple times and she is in shock at your behavior. She tells you that you shouldn’t be acting this way because it’s really turning her on and she can’t be so horny here. She sits in her lingerie and exposes her tits thinking that you’ll be satisfied but you want more. You want her completely naked AND you want to have a quickie. She is once again in disbelief and says that she really shouldn’t because if someone found out she would be in so much trouble, but your dominant demeanor gets the best of her and she relents. She tells you that you have to be quiet and quick. You have her get in the “face off” sex position with her facing you on your lap and she eases her way onto your cock. It feels so good but then you start fucking her harder and faster than before. You’re pushing her up and down on your cock and she has no choice but to take it. She starts moaning loudly and she doesn’t even care if anyone can hear her because you’re fucking her so good and hard and you’re driving her wild. She starts telling you that she wants you to get her pregnant. She wants you to claim her pussy as yours. She want you to mark your territory with your cum and she wants all the cum in your balls to seep into her pussy. You fuck her until you cum and she’s completely out of breath, it takes her a bit to finally compose herself. She then tells you that someone surely heard her moaning but she couldn’t help it. She tells you to leave so that no one comes in to find that a teacher was fucking a student…

Sloansmoans - A Quickie with Teacher

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