Rhea Sweet - Mommy for Christmas

Rhea Sweet – Mommy for Christmas

I’m so excited that my son has come to visit for Christmas! That’s why I got all dressed up for him on for Christmas time. I’m just going to say what I’m thinking… I don’t think his girlfriend is taking care of my son well enough. She’s young still. I don’t know if she’s quite mature enough to take care of ALL of my son’s needs. I want to take care of his needs while he’s here. What do I mean by that? I point out the sexy lingerie I have on ask my son if he likes what he sees. It’s okay, he doesn’t have to be embarrassed. I’m his mother and know how to take care of him. I start to pull my top down so he can see Mommy’s titties. I know he’s thought about it. Now he doesn’t need to worry about anything. It’s just him and me. I’m going to take care of him the way he deserves. I reach down and put my on his bulge. I can tell it feels good to have Mommy rubbing on the outside of his pants. I can feel him growing for Mommy. It’s not wrong. It’s a mother’s job to take care of her son. That’s it. I can see him relaxing as he gets hard for his mommy. I’ve been fantasizing for this moment, wondering what my son felt like… how he tastes… Mommy wants to taste him. I tell my son to sit back, close his eyes, and just enjoy it as Mommy shows him how it’s really done. I pull my son’s cock out and rub it against my red lips. I wrap my hand and mouth around my son’s hard cock. He’s nice and hard for Mommy and gets Mommy’s lipstick all over his cock. I love my son’s fat cock. I always knew he would grow and be huge. I know what would turn him on. I ask him what he thinks about cumming on Mommy’s face. Would he like that? I can tell he’s ready to blow already. I stroke his cock and tell him to cum for his mommy and cover my face in his cum. He shoots his cum on my face and into my mouth. His cum is dripping off my chin as I suck his cum off of his cock. Mommy’s not done yet. Mommy wants more. I pull my lingerie back so my son can see Mommy’s sexy body ready for him. I see him getting hard for me again. I’m so turned on I can’t help but touch myself in front of my son. I need to have my son inside of me, deep inside of Mommy’s pussy. I turn around and bend over for my son. I tell him to put that cum covered cock deep inside of Mommy. Oh his cock is so big and fat! He fucks me from behind as I tell him to give it to his mommy harder. His cock feels so good thrusting deep into me. I roll over on to my back. I want to be able to look at my son while he’s inside of me. He pushes his cock inside of me and thrusts deep inside of his mommy. I need him deeper and harder. This pussy is better than his girlfriend’s. It’s the best pussy for him. He needs to fill this pussy up. I’m so close to cumming too. I need my son to cum with me. He shoots his load deep inside of me as I cum hard on his cock. I’m so glad I have his cum inside of me. I tell my son to kiss Mommy and remind him that Mommy’s pussy is the best pussy.

Rhea Sweet - Mommy for Christmas

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