Rachael Cavalli - The Contract

Rachael Cavalli – The Contract

Ricky (Spanish) returns home from the lawyer with a copy of a contract left by his late father regarding the disposition of his estate, and trips over a pair of his stepmom’s high heels left on the living room floor, spraining his ankle. The contract dictated by his dad stipulates that his widow (Rachael Cavalli) and stepson must live in the same house, even sleep in the same bed in order to inherit.

Rachael sympathetically cares for her stepson’s injury and informs him that she’s already signed the contract, believing that her husband’s wishes were the best thing to ensure that his survivors would both be well cared for. Ricky objects, pointing out that it’s just not right for a stepmom to sleep with her son, and besides, he has a girlfriend Jenny and feels for her, too.
The deadline to sign the contract is midnight today, and at 11:22 p.m. Rachael visits Ricky’s bedroom with an ice pack for his ankle. He’s despondent, as Jenny just broke up with him when he informed her of the details of the contract, accusing him of having lustful feelings for his mom. Rachael notices the time slipping away, she desperately tries a new tack: “Don’t you want to see the goods before you sign the contract?”, revealing her sexy black lingerie to Ricky. He’s still uncomfortable with the situation, but Rachael gets on his bed next to him to cuddle. Ricky counters by tickling her, lightening up the mood.
“It’s my body, and this is what your father wanted for you”, Rachael points out. “You’re so beautiful, mom!”, Ricky enthuses, as his stepmother poses for him. “Ricky, you’re an adult man, and I’m a woman. We love each other, don’t we?”, she asks. “Yeah, I love you”, he responds, breathing heavily. “Don’t you want to touch me?”, she asks, pulling down her garment to reveal her huge breasts to him. She takes his hand and kisses it, whispering: “Your father saw something in us I never knew existed. He thought we were perfect for each other”.
She places his hand on her breast and asks: “How does that feel?”. “It feels perfect”, Ricky answers. She leans over and tenderly kisses her son on the lips. Rachael takes over and sits on top of him, preparing Ricky for the inevitable. When he cries out, could it be the pain from his ankle? Rachael asks: “Can mommy kiss it and make it feel better?”. He nods Okay, and instead she lowers his pajamas, revealing Ricky’s big stiff dick. “Look how hard you are for mommy”, she whispers. As she begins to suck his cock, she murmurs: “We can do this every night, if you just sign the contract”. She gets on top of him, rubbing her pussy back and forth against his bare cock. Grabbing the contract and a pen from the end table she says to him: “Sign”. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Rachael Cavalli - The Contract

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