Penny Barber - Mommy's Your GF for Christmas

Penny Barber – Mommy’s Your GF for Christmas

What would you like for Christmas this year, sweetie? A girlfriend!? Well those can be difficult to wrap, so don’t get your hopes up. I finish my umteenth cup of special eggnog, and go back to laying out holiday decorations.
Later, you come into my bedroom after I call you. Mommy’s wearing nothing but a Christmas sweater covering what appears to be VERY skimpy lingerie. A festive pillow sits in my bare lap. I think I know what you really want for Christmas, darling. Sex! Now, since we won’t be alone on Christmas, Mommy will just have to give you your present early. I strip down to my lingerie as you take your swelling cock out of your pants. Mommy makes your cock nice and slippery before riding you to several delicious cowgirl orgasms. Exhausted, I let you lay me down and fuck me as hard as you can in missionary until you cream pie my quivering pussy. Looks like Mommy’s present came early, too! XOXO

Penny Barber - Mommy's Your GF for Christmas

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