Penny Barber - Cream for Mommy's Coffee

Penny Barber – Cream for Mommy’s Coffee

Cream for Mommy’s Coffee Recently you’ve been fighting against the impulse to fuck me, but I can tell that you want to, strutting around in your revealing sweatpants every morning, hard as hard can be. Mommy wants you and I’ll find a way to convince you eventually, whether it’s with my big tits, my squirting pussy, or my bizarre sexual requests. Because I need you all the time. Everything makes me think of your hard cock and your thick come. Speaking of which, this coffee could use a little cream. Why don’t you just stand there, let me get on my knees, and tease out the cream you have for me in your fat balls? Trust me: you’ll love every minute of it!


Penny Barber - Cream for Mommy's Coffee

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