Pastel Goddess - School Boy Punished by Teacher and Mommy

Pastel Goddess – School Boy Punished by Teacher and Mommy

Part 1: After Class Kitten has to go to detention after school again. It’s the seventh time this month. Mrs. Pastel is tired of him constantly being late to her class. He pleads with her that it isn’t his fault; there are 5 girls who bully and fart on him in the hallway before class everyday. Mrs. Pastel insists that they are free to do that and it is still Kitten’s responsibility to arrive to class on time. As punishment, she makes Kitten drop his pants and bend over her knee for a hard spanking. He soon breaks down into tears. He thought corporal punishment was against school policy, but Mrs. Pastel reminds him that beta behavior is punished this way as part of the school’s code. She can’t be seen taking this behavior lightly if the principal were to see. She spanks him bright pink and red while he grovels and apologizes, but it’s too late for that. After 10 minutes of spanking, she kicks Kitten to the ground and makes him lick her sweaty feet while she writes a note to Kitten’s mother. He has to lick between the cracks of each toe and up and down the ridge and soles. He is rolled onto his back and used as a foot wipe for 5 minutes. Mrs. Pastel tells him that the note will request her mother contact her so she will know if he’s shown it to her or not. Kitten is very scared to show her mother the note, because her mother is very cruel. After Mrs. Pastel’s feet are cleaned, she sends him home with the note. Part 2: At Home Kitten comes in and is immediately summoned to the bathroom by his mother. She needs him to wash and scrub her body clean before she leaves for a hot date. She is super excited and squeezes Kitten’s face in her breasts while cheerfully greeting him. Kitten is acting a little bit dejected and somewhat off, but she asks him if he’s okay and he insists nothing’s wrong. Moving on, she makes Kitten undress her and asks him how her ass looks. He is aching in chastity. Once naked, she gets in the shower and he begins to scrub her all over, starting with her breasts, then armpits, then stomach, ass, pussy and legs. He is ordered to get deep into her ass crack and make sure he gets all the stench out. When clean, she gets him to dry her off. She is pleased with how Kitten bathed her and offers to scrub him clean in return. He says he thinks he’s a little old for that now, but Mommy insisted, so he takes off his clothes. Revealing his ass, Mommy immediately notices it’s been freshly bruised. She makes Kitten explain that Mrs. Pastel did it and that she sent home a note. Mommy reads the note aloud and slaps the fuck out of her son for trying to get away with not telling her. He cries and tries to explain that it was the other girls’ fault, and that they are all conspiracing against him because he’s a loser. Mommy agrees with them. Kitten begs her to take her side but instead she spanks his ass raw even more in the shower. Kitten helplessly curls into a ball and takes the onslaught of spankings that the superior women in his life are ruthlessly dealing him. After spanking him in the shower, she sends him out to the couch and gets her spoon. She bends him over her knee and lays into his already bruised ass with the much more painful wood. He cries and cries from the pure suffering. No one understands his innocence. All women just want to bully him and he can’t do anything about it. Mommy says that if he doesn’t show his beaten ass to the teacher tomorrow, she will call Mrs. Pastel and all the girls in his class to come over and use him as a fart cushion. She is so frustrated that she is having to beat her own son making her late for her date. Speaking of which, she finishes spanking and sits on the boy’s face and lets out loads of pent up gas that she has to get out before she leaves. As she rips loud, wet farts and makes Kitten swallow him into his lungs, she says he should be lucky she didn’t give him an even more extreme punishment. 5 minutes of hot facesitting and farts, then Mommy shoves a dildo up her son’s ass and makes him stand in the corner for the entire time that she’s gone. Part 3: Later That Night Mommy comes back from her date and sees that Kitten has waited in the corner the entire time. She is pleased but more importantly needs Kitten to clean the cum out of her asshole and pussy. He is completely broken at this point and complies without resistance. After farting a couple more times, I tell him my boyfriend came five or six times in there, so he must have gotten a nice bubbly cum fart. She continues making him swirl his tongue around deep inside her asshole and slurp away at her pussy for at least five minutes. He sucks it all out obediently, double and triple checking for it to be spotless. When he’s done a satisfactory job, Mommy sends him away to start doing all of his female classmates’ homework. He won’t be getting any dinner tonight.


Pastel Goddess - School Boy Punished by Teacher and Mommy

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