Mylene - U Are Punished Worship & Lick Moms Ass

Mylene – U Are Punished Worship & Lick Moms Ass

Mommy enters the room dressed in a short skirt, a pair of high heels and tight tank top. She bends over and you see she has no panties on. She put a pair of tiny thongs on, turns around and see you staring at her. What a surprise! You gonna be punished for your wrong behavior, mom comes right next to you, opens her butt cheeks and tells you to stick your nose right in there, you move towards, but pull away. Mom is so disappointed, you perverted on her, you are a nasty boy, you definitely should get punished. Mom changes panties and skirt in front of you, comes closer again, bends over and tells you to lick her sweaty asshole through the thong. You are being told that you should never ever perv on your mom again. You obey and lick your mom’s asshole. You did such a wrong thing, you should lick and remember not to make this mistake again. On the 10th minute mom decides it’s time to clean her butthole properly, she gonna teach you a lesson, this way you’ll know it’s not good to perv on your mom. She pulls panties down and notice you got hard for her, you try to open your pants to show her more, but she doesn’t let you do, it’s absolutely inappropriate behavior. How could you be such a nasty, dirty boy?! You are being told to lick your mom’s sweaty asshole, to stick your tongue inside, you feel how dirty it is, as dirty as you were spying on your mom. Mommy thinks it’s not enough for you still, she sits on your face and makes you promise not to perv on her again. As you cleaned mommy’s asshole, she gives you her dirty pair of panties to put on your head and makes you stay like that next to an opened window for 10 minutes thinking of your behavior. General standing and close up ass views mostly.


Mylene - U Are Punished Worship & Lick Moms Ass

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