MoRina - Mommy's Used Panties

MoRina – Mommy’s Used Panties

MoRina is cleaning her son’s room and as she makes the bed she finds a pair of her sexy panties in the sheets. She wonders if maybe they just got mixed up in the laundry, but when she looks closely at them she sees that they have cum stains all over them. She gets turned on at the thought of her son masturbating using her panties and she starts touching herself and rubbing the used panties against the panties she is wearing under her sundress.Now they are filled with cum and squirt juice! She has an idea and slips the cum stained panties on and decides it is time for a mother son talk. (POV) When you come home she calls you into the living room for the talk. She’s flirty and opens her legs. You start to panic when you recognize the panties she is wearing. She reassures you that it is completely normal for a son to fantasize about his mother. But she takes it a step further and slips off her panties and insists that you show her how you jerk off using them! You need a little encouragement and jerk off instruction, but get the job done! Such a good boy!


MoRina - Mommy's Used Panties

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