Mom Helps Hurt Son Bathe Part 1 - Coco Vandi

Mom Helps Hurt Son Bathe Part 1 – Coco Vandi

I love skate boarding but the other day i broke both my wrist, my mom had to come to the hospital to pick me. when we got home mom was really cool with what happened and just let me lay down to rest for the night. the next day my mom took really good care of me but later on in the night mom came in and said i needed to shower. we talked about it and i told her that i couldn’t shower and risk getting my bandages wet. she said a bath then but i wont be able to even hold the soap so i would need help and dad is out of town for work. mom thought about it for a minute but then decided she would be the one to help me take a bath. she filled the tub up for me and when i cam into the bathroom she told me to strip, now i felt a little weird about being naked in from of my mom but she insisted. so i got naked and then got into the tub facing away from my while she washed my backside, i was really nervous but kinda turned on at the same time. after a little while she told me to turn around so she could do my front, i did and she started scrubbing me down. then the moment of truth came and mom said she had to wash everything, i said hell no but mom wasn’t having it and that’s when she put her hands on my cock! i just stood there while mom worked hers soft soapy hands all over my cock and balls and wow did it feel good. when she was done she rinsed me and helped me dry off. she said we were gonna do this again tomorrow night and i cant wait!
This is part 1 in mom helps hurt son bathe and this is a cfnm tease scene only no sex, it shot POV and stars Coco Vandi

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Mom Helps Hurt Son Bathe Part 1 - Coco Vandi

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