Mom Catches You Staring - Sarah Rae

Mom Catches You Staring – Sarah Rae

You’re relaxing in the living room with your Mom while she’s reading a book. You try to focus on other things but you just can’t help starring at her cleavage. This afternoon she’s had it and has decided to confront you about it. She wants an explanation. Why are you always starring at her breasts and trying to catch glimpses of her naked around the house? Its wrong to have this sort of attraction for your mother. What’s the matter? Don’t you like the girls at school that are your own age? You tell her that the girls at school just aren’t as busty as her. You lover her big tits and they are giving you huge, painful boners all the time. Your Mom feels bad. She doesn’t want her son to be sexually frustrated. She decides to help you out and let you stroke to her, but only if you promise not to tell anyone. This will be just be your little secret between you and her. You agree and your Mom shows you the huge tits that you’ve been dying to see for soooo long.

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Mom Catches You Staring - Sarah Rae

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