Missbehavin26 - Mom caught u jerking off with her tights

Missbehavin26 – Mom caught u jerking off with her tights

Mom makes you eat her pussy with her nylons on then rips them to f*ck the sh*t out of her own son Script: Mommy comes home early from work. She walks into her bedroom to see her son laying on her bed with a pair of her pantyhose she wore the day before in his hand and wrapped around his young cock. My eyes are closed and have no idea mommy is there. You watch as i sniff the cotton panel of your worn pantyhose and moan for mommy as i stroke my hard young cock with your pantyhose. You’ve had your suspicions about some of your pantyhose going missing and now you have your proof. Standing there watching me is making you quite excited. As you stand there you reach under your skirt and begin to touch yourself through your own black tights watching your son jerk off to you. Knowing of your son’s dirty tights fetish you decide to strip down to nothing but the black tights you have on. You walk back into your bedroom and stand there in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of black tights. Shocked and embarrassed I try to cover myself up. But you just take control and tell me to keep going. You then start to touch yourself in front of me through your tights. Telling me you want this too. Take control of me and tell me if i want to smell and lick mommys tights then i should do it right now with her in them. You come lay on the bed with me and take my hand and rub it over mommys pantyhose covered crotch. Please dont rip the tights till close to the end, and keep the tights on the WHOLE TIME. You badly want to have your young son fuck you. Knowing i wont last long inside you though you masturbate yourself under your tights making them wet. Dont rip them yet though, just put your hand under the tights and finger fuck yourself to get your tights all wet and messy for your son to lick off. Then allow me to touch you. You have me start with your feet. Massaging and rubbing your feet through your tights. Then moving up to your thighs and finally to mommys wet aching pussy. Make me eat your pussy through your tights, tasting mommys wetness through them. Then make me rip a small hole in the crotch of your tights. Make me finish you off with my fingers and tongue. Tell me how much you want my YOUNG COCK inside mommys pussy. Tell me to fuck mommy in her tights. Tell me to slide my hard young cock inside mommy and FUCK YOU. I love when you talk dirty like that. Using the words YOUNG and Mommy and especially talking about your tights and about your YOUNG SON FUCKING MOMMY IN HER TIGHTS. Really indulge my tights/pantyhose fetish. Playing with yourself over and under the tights, and just hearing you say the word tights is a turn on. Also tell me how much mommy loves her sons YOUNG TEENAGE COCK inside her mature pussy. And make sure i cum inside you. One last thing. The tights. please wear a pair of plain black semi opaque tights for the video. Full tights please.


Missbehavin26 - Mom caught u jerking off with her tights

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