Harley Sin - Moms A Hotwife For Her Son

Harley Sin – Moms A Hotwife For Her Son

Your mom invites you into her room, her and your dad want to talk to you. They both felt it was time you knew, your mommy is a hotwife. You don’t know what that is, so she explains it to you, all while looking at your daddy. A hotwife is a married woman who is encouraged by her husband to fuck other men, while he watches. You get really embarrassed and try to leave. Your mommy makes you stay, she compliments you. Tells you how handsome and strong you are, that she needs a new bull in her life. This strongly arouses you, your mom even knows you have a big cock. Your mom tells you it’s the family ritual. And you need to fulfil your part. She tells you it will be so naughty and exciting, to cum inside your own mother. Your mom convinces you to take your cock out, while your daddy watches. She sucks your cock, she tells you how pathetic your dads cock is, how it never satisfied her. How your daddy knew she needed a big dick, how his never did anything for you. Your mommy is ready to feel all of you. She slides your cock inside her, tells you to fuck her hard n deep. Doesn’t her pussy feel tight, even with all the fucking she does, while your daddy watches, she’s managed to keep her cunt nice n tight. Your daddy can’t fuck her that way, his dick is too pathetic. She wants your cock now, her own sons. Her pussy can take a pounding. She tells you your daddy gets off on it, watching her get pounded knowing he never could. And now that it’s their own son, its the ultimate cuck. Your mommy is riding you hard, but she asks you a strange question. Have you ever wondered why you’re such an alpha male, while your daddy isn’t? Why you and your daddy seem.. so different? Have you ever wondering, if he’s even your REAL daddy?


Harley Sin - Moms A Hotwife For Her Son

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