Miss Rose Annne - Impregnating Your Mommy

Miss Rose Annne – Impregnating Your Mommy

To this day you will already know the problems I have had with your fatherr, he wants the divorce, and I know that you don’t want that, if the divorce is fulfilled you can no longer fuck me every time he is not at home, and your dreams of going to college will not come true… Not a threat, sonn, I just thought you loved me enough to try to keep the family together, and close to you. At least until we have taken enough money from your fatherr to escape together … But for now I need you, I need your cum-filled young dick to be inserted into my vagina, I want you to impregnate me, I want you to give me a babyy, as the good boy that you are I know that you will do everything possible to make me happy. That’s true? Do not worry, nobody should know, for obvious reasons, your fatherr will only think that the kidd is his and since I am only your stepmother there will be no genetic problem. Just do it, just put that here, you know you want to do it, you have always dreamed of this, fill all my uterus with your milk and make my belly explode, now you can fulfill your dream for a good cause, and thus keep me close to you , forever.


Miss Rose Annne - Impregnating Your Mommy

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