Miss Alisandra - New Step-Mommy Makes You Jerk

Miss Alisandra – New Step-Mommy Makes You Jerk

It must have been hard to watch me move in after I destroyed your Step-Parents’ marriage, and I know you hate me, but I really want us to be a happy fåmily together. It also hasn’t escaped me that you tend to check me out a lot around the house… You’re just like your Dåd in that way! Want to see how I seduced him? He could never take his eyes off of me when I was working as his secretary. Your Mȯther never liked me, she must have suspected something, but there was nothing she could do. Once she walked in on us doing it on the floor, it was all over for her, I left her penniless! Your Dåd just couldn’t resist me… This is actually the exact same dress I wore when we first fucked! Want to see the lingerie I’m wearing for him today? Go on, take your dick out and jerk for me, I know you want to. You’ll be a good boy for your new Mȯmmy and stroke. Oh, your dick is tiny! Looks like you didn’t exactly inherit your Dåd’s good genes… No wonder you’re still a virgin! I bet you’re super jealous that your Dåd gets to fuck a woman like me. Being a small dicked virgin loser, you will never get to enjoy anything even remotely similar! Tell you what, I’ll start leaving our bedroom door open when we fuck so you can hear every sound, every moan, just to torment you! Be a good boy for Mȯmmy, pump and explode, then clean up after yourself by licking all that cum!

Miss Alisandra - New Step-Mommy Makes You Jerk

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