Cory Chase - Mommy Will Show You Hers - Scene One: Morning, Scene Two: Bush

Cory Chase – Mommy Will Show You Hers – Scene One: Morning, Scene Two: Bush

Scene One: Morning
Softly my mother brings me to her bed and sits me down. In a sweet voice she whispers that it’s ok. “You’re growing up to be a big strong boy” She kicks off her heels. “Don’t you like this new dress?” She asks me. Her big tits are spilling out of the tight dress and I can see the edge of her forbidden nipple. “You like the way mommy looks?”
I’m half excited half terrified as her hands run over her body. “Tell mommy how pretty she is” she reaches down and touches me, her big tits in my face. Mommy tells me to pull down my shorts and show her what a big man I’ve become as she spreads her legs and touches herself. “Let me help you with that” Mommy smiles at me and slides her wet mouth on me. Sucking and licking and making me shake with excitement.

Scene Two: Bush
“You taste so good in mommy’s mouth” She whispers to me. I’m unable to move as my mom takes advantage of me and makes me feel so good. My dick is drenched and rock hard in my mom’s mouth. “Let me sit on top of you” She says. I’m confused about what’s going to happen as her hips pull me inside of her.
I fit perfectly inside my mother and she slides up and down on me. I’ve never felt so in love in my life. Her big tits in my face, my mommy moaning in my ears. “You’re my big boy” She moans as she lays back on the bed and guides me with her legs. “I want you to cum on mommy’s bush like a good boy” She commands. Something comes over me as her pussy gets tighter and tighter. My vision goes white and I shoot stream after stream of cum all over my mothers hairy pussy. “Oh my god baby” She screams in pleasure. “I love you so much” She says, kissing me and I collapse on top of her, spent.


Cory Chase - Mommy Will Show You Hers - Scene One: Morning, Scene Two: Bush

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