Lexi Luxe - Mean Mommy Secretary

Lexi Luxe – Mean Mommy Secretary

Hi Goddess Lexi, my custom clip is as follows: My Step-Dad is a powerful CEO. You were his secretary and now you’re my new Stepmom. Ever since you moved in you’ve noticed me checking you out around the house and you know that I’m obsessed with you. You say I’m just like my Step-Dad as you start to tease me with your body. You tell me this is how you would tease him at work until he couldn’t take anymore and he had to cheat on my Step-Mom with you. You say these are the clothes you wore when you first fucked him. You tell me about all the times you two would fuck at work while my Step-Mom was at home like an idiot. Eventually my Step-Mom caught you two “working late”, she just stood there as you kept fucking until my Step-Dad finished inside you. When you were done my Step-Dad pulled out divorce papers from his desk drawer and you tell me how funny it was when you went over to my Step-Mom and dropped them by her feet, all while his cum was oozing out of your pussy. You can see by the small tent in my pants how turned on that story made me. You smile and say “I’m your Step-Mommy now and I’m going to take care of you.” Even though I don’t have a big cock like my Step-Dad you tell me to jerk off in front of you. You tell me all about how my Step-Dad pounds you every night and that I’ll never be a real man like him. You say you’re going to start leaving your bedroom door open at night so I can hear every moan. You count me down and tell me to “be a good boy and cum for Mommy”. Please be as graphic and mean to me as you want.

Lexi Luxe - Mean Mommy Secretary

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