Mia Jocelyn - Mommy's No Nut November Bet

Mia Jocelyn – Mommy’s No Nut November Bet

Mommy notices a “NNN” mark on your calendar and questions you about it. You confess and she’s puzzled at first, but then quickly turns to competitive and lets you know that she could easily make you lose that challenge. She places a bet that she can make you cum in under 10 minutes and quickly strips down from her clothes, teasing you with her big tits and ass. Mommy then lets you fuck her from behind (virtual sex). She then realizes that time is quickly going by, so she switches to a blowjob in order to get you to cum faster. After a few minutes, she lets you take her missionary where you finally end up nutting inside mommy and giving her a creampie. You’ve officially lost no nut november.

Mia Jocelyn - Mommy's No Nut November Bet

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