Mama Fiona - Weekend At The Lake With Mom

Mama Fiona – Weekend At The Lake With Mom

You and I have always loved going on vacations together, haven’t we sweetie? This year is no different and the change of scenery is highly welcome! You are just as excited to visit the lake with your mom especially because you know that I’ve been trying on a whole bunch of bikinis lately, wanting to be outdoors and get some sun. Well its been a while since you’ve seen a woman up close due to the quarantine and holy HELL… you never noticed how hott your mom was before! Thats kinda fucked up.. but you can’t help your massive erection as you notice my titties popping out of my bikini as I’m laying out. I look up and see the tent you’re sporting and honestly it’s been a while for me too. I’m instantly turned on and I want nothing more than to fuck you… my own son! what have we gotten ourselves into!??!?!


Mama Fiona - Weekend At The Lake With Mom

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