Pregnant Kelly - Extra Special Birthday Mommy Taboo

Pregnant Kelly – Extra Special Birthday Mommy Taboo

Mom agrees to your birthday gift, you ask to see your mom naked once a day for one week. Mom is resistant but is also thankful you are not asking for the latest video game console and agrees to your request. She enters your room wearing only a towel and is rather nervous and not excited by this idea at all. She drops the towel and exposes herself, you ask her to turn around, to wiggle her ass for you. She refuses grabs her towel and leaves. The next day you come into the bathroom while your mom is showering, you ask her to allow you to watch as she showers. She resists a little but pulls back the shower curtain and finishes her shower, asking you about your plans for the day. When she finishes her shower, she asks you to hand her a towel, but you refuse, wanting a nice close-up view of moms dripping wet body. Other days include watching her get dressed for work and then flashing you under her dress, one days she is cleaning the floor and you ask her to undress and finish her cleaning nude. After the days pass, mom comes into your room and surprises you with a confession. She misses you asking her to undress for you. She confesses how fun it was for her, and she really started enjoying herself. She lifts her sweater exposing her tits and tells you that she would like to continue this arrangement and you can ask her whenever you would like to undress if no one is home. You of course agree, and the next day your mom is again in your room asking if now a good time would be. She is craving that release, and she undresses for you and twerks and shakes her ass for you as you had asked the first day. Eventually all this sexual tension builds to high, and your mom reaches for your cock… she asks if it is okay. Making sure you want this to. She strokes your cock, sucks your cock, rides your cock, lets you fuck her missionary and doggy and you explode deep inside her. Afterwards she briefly speaks to you about your younger brother, and before she can finish her sentence you admit you have been telling him about what has been happening and he wants to be apart of it as well but is to shy to ask. So, the next day mom decides to surprise him, coming into his room casually but completely naked talking to him about the plans for the day.


Pregnant Kelly - Extra Special Birthday Mommy Taboo

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