Lexi King - Mommys Little Baby Dick

Lexi King – Mommys Little Baby Dick

You had too much soy when you were little and it stunted your dick growth… Mommy loves to touch, kiss, and suck on soyboy’s babydickie until its the hardest it’s ever been. Before bed, I go into his room with a bottle of baby oil and tease your babydickie while completely nude.. I take photos of your little dickie. I laugh while showing you the pictures I took. I love dressing up your babydick with bows. I love to put on lipstick and kiss it until it’s a pretty red color. I keep an album with all your dick pictures and tell soyboy that I would send them to all your friends so they could see your little babydickie. After making it the stiffest its ever been, I play suck, fuck, and ask you to make cummies for mommy. Mommy laughs as she deepthroats his baby dick. She playfully sucks and teases with her tongue. Then Mommy decides to do you a favor and climb on top. She laughs and teases your babydickie while riding it. She tells you she will cut off your peepee if you cum early. She edges you a few times. Finally she yells at soyboy to make cummies for mommy! She fucks your babydickie until you both orgasm.


Lexi King - Mommys Little Baby Dick

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