lalunalewd - Dirty Dreams about Mommy

lalunalewd – Dirty Dreams about Mommy

This is son daydreaming about mommy with multiple dream scenarios! I wish you, my son, a goodnight with a kiss and a hug. That night, you dream about me seducing you and wanting you to cum for me, but I end up waking you up from your dream in the morning. At school you try to focus in class but there are daydreams of my sexy ass swaying back and forth and me begging for spanks distracting you in class. I sit on you and rub my ass on you, feeling your boner poking me. I rub it faster with my ass, begging you to cum but school is over and you head back home. At home, it’s Friday night and we get to spend the weekend together. As we continue to talk eventually your eyes start to wander down towards my cleavage and then you daydream about me shoving my boobs in your face, wanting you to suck and grope them. I give you a tittyfuck and I beg for your cum on my boobs but I snap you out of the dream. Later at night, a nightly kiss and hug and goodnight. You cannot stop thinking about the earlier daydreams and have one last final epic daydream. After I arouse you, I ride on top of you(POV filmed from waist up), kissing you every now and then. Eventually, I can feel you twitching and give one last kiss before telling you to cum inside me and you do cum! The dream starts to end and I tell you to wake up with some kisses.

lalunalewd - Dirty Dreams about Mommy

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