Lady Aorta - Mommy's Big Butt in Tiny Shorts

Lady Aorta – Mommy’s Big Butt in Tiny Shorts

Mommy has a problem. Don’t laugh at Mommy, but… You see, I think Mommy’s ass has gotten a lot bigger. Mommy’s been putting on some weight and… I’ll just show you ok, don’t laugh. I’m wearing these shorts and they are extremely tight. They weren’t this tight last time I tried them on. They give me a camel toe which is a little uncomfortable. The back is the worst! Oh, what’s the matter? You think it’s funny, don’t you? Wait a second… You’re turned on by this. Mommy’s so silly. She’s just bending over in front of you. Of course you’re turned on by Mommy’s booty. You don’t mind that Mommy’s butt has gotten bigger. What do you think of Mommy’s butt in these teeny tiny shorts? You are so lucky to have such a hot Mommy… Well, Mommy does like showing off for you. You’re really turned on, baby. Imagine taking Mommy from the back. Rubbing your hard dick on Mommy’s big butt. These shorts don’t come off easily. You’d have to rip them off. Oh, Mommy’s big butt all to yourself, all that ass just for you… You would rip those shorts right off and get to the point. Fuck Mommy’s pussy from the back. Her big fat pussy is so juicy and so wet for you. Shoot your load inside Mommy’s pussy. Plant your seed in Mommy. Maybe we’ll get into trouble later about that but it doesn’t matter… You can’t stop cumming, Mommy’s pussy is so good!


Lady Aorta - Mommy's Big Butt in Tiny Shorts

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