Kelly Payne - Cum for Mommy Sweet Boy

Kelly Payne – Cum for Mommy Sweet Boy

Mommy woke up in quite a frisky mood, she is enjoying her usual cup of coffee but she’s completely naked. She is excited your awake, before you get ready for school, she wants you to give mommy pleasure. After all she is such a good mommy, always taking care of all your wants and needs, and that brings you pleasure doesn’t it sweet boy? Oh, you’re such a good boy… such a sweet good boy. Mommy explains exactly how to pleasure mommy. Starting by taking off your jammies. Mommy then tells you to make a “come here” motion with your fingers and shows you how to make mommy feel really good. Mommy then tells you to clean up the mess, just like if we spilt some chocolate and inside of wiping it clean, we are going to lick it clean because it’s to yummy to waste. Mommy has you lick up all her cum, while squeezing her tits letting some milk spray out, before having you put your hard peepee inside of her. Its okay baby, mommy explains what it feels like to cum and you fill mommy’s pussy with all your yummy cum.


Kelly Payne - Cum for Mommy Sweet Boy

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