Jackie Synn - Mom's CEI Punishment

Jackie Synn – Mom’s CEI Punishment

Mom is so tired of you not being able to control yourself, all you do is masturbate! You’ve gotten in trouble for it at school, the gym, and you’re always blowing your load all over the house & never cleaning it up. Mom calls the doctor for his recommendation, she’s willing to try ANYTHING to help you with your condition.; After mom’s off the phone, she realizes you’ve been wanking under the covers while sitting across from her the whole time. Mom decides to put the doctors recommendation in play – you’re going to cum in front of your mother, but you’re damn sure going to clean it up! Mom makes you eat your load several times, even teasing you with her big tits to aid you along. I hope you’re hungry son!


Jackie Synn - Mom's CEI Punishment

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