Ivy Starshyne - Mom Will Be Your Doctor

Ivy Starshyne – Mom Will Be Your Doctor

You’ve been so scared of doctors, what am I to do? I can’t just let you go around with potential problems, just getting worse and worse. Sure, you seem healthy, but… How would we really know? Listen, I bought something for this very thing. An outfit that could get you more comfortable with the whole idea of doctors. What do you say? Well, I’m doing it since you have no choice at this point…
You do seem pretty healthy, but I haven’t seen every single part of you. So take off your pants and give Mom a good look at what’s going on. Let’s stroke you to a a nice… throbbing… thick… Oh! And can’t forget to check the prostate. Close your eyes…
Looking up close, I can see it looks just fine. And with my finger inside your ass hole, I’d say things feel fine inside there, too. But let’s go for the finale, really make sure everything comes out looking perfect. Hmmm?


Ivy Starshyne - Mom Will Be Your Doctor

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