Ivy Starshyne - Adopted Mom Finds Your Purpose

Ivy Starshyne – Adopted Mom Finds Your Purpose

All that time in the system, nobody wanted you, huh? Left there, waiting. For so… so… long. People looking at you, but not wanting you. Well, guess what? I want you. DEFINITELY. I chose you, and all the others, for that very reason. I want you for a while. You’ll make me very happy. Oh, the others? Why is my house so quiet? I’ve already enjoyed them. They’re in my tummy. Yes, it’s true. I’m going to eat you. Gobble you up, piece by piece. Get comfy on the couch and let me want you, need you, enjoy you. Chomp and chew and swallow you up! And then, you’ll be filling my tummy up, with me even longer, just a bit longer – that is, before you make your way down, down, down… into the whirling of the toilet water as it flushes away.


Ivy Starshyne - Adopted Mom Finds Your Purpose

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