Hot Juls Fetishes - Accidental Erection For Mommy - Goddess Juls

Hot Juls Fetishes – Accidental Erection For Mommy – Goddess Juls

Ok honey, hurry up and put on your swim trunks, we are going to the beach. We just need to wait for your daddy to come home and then we are ready. Im so excited to wear my new swim suit, i think it looks gorgeous on me. Are you having a problem with your swim trunks again? Gosh, when are you going to become more self-sufficient boy? Why do i always have to help you with everything?
Mommy comes closer to you and helps you to put on your shorts. You can’t stop but notice her big Milf tits hanging out from her small bikini top. It’s hard to look away and your mommy catches you looking at her tits. “Honey, what are you looking at? OMG, looks like you’ve got a little bit of a problem in your shorts right now! You have a full on erection!”. As a loving encouraging mother i am telling you to take care of it in your room. You wait until you mommy gets upset because you are not leaving the room and just keeps standing their with a raging hard-on in your shorts. You know that she always helps you with everything.
“Ok sweetie, i am such a softie when it comes to helping my boy. If i help you with this erection we will be ready much faster. So let’s hurry up before daddy shows up”. I sit right in front of you, slide your shorts down to expose your full-grown cock.
Suddenly something gets into you!!! “Honey, what are you doing??? What got into you? Why are you pushing me down and taking my panties off?”. (POV VIRTUAL SEX). You can’t help yourself but wanting to fuck your own mom. She is a hot milf and you’ve spent lots of nights jerking off to her. You push her down against the stool, pull her panties down and slide your cock into her hot pussy. At first she was resisting and not letting you take her panties off, but then after she allowed you to fuck her. You love the way your mom’s back curves as you slide your cock in and out of her. “Sweetie, your cock is so big! You are much bigger than daddy!”. She moans loud and tells you how amazing your penis feels. She loves it! It won’t take you too long to cum because her pussy feels so good. She tells you to hurry up and cum inside of her. You see your dad pulling up the driveway while you are balls deep inside your mother. You hurry up and shoot a big creampie inside of her. She turns around, embarrassed but very horny. She slides her hand down and realizes you filled her up. She can’t resist but eat her sweet boy’s cum.

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Hot Juls Fetishes - Accidental Erection For Mommy - Goddess Juls

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