Harley Sin - Giantess Mommy Makes Son Her Tiny Slave

Harley Sin – Giantess Mommy Makes Son Her Tiny Slave

Your mom is mad. She paid so much money for you to go to college only for you to flunk out. All you do is play video games all day, and she’s sick of it. Now even though she’s mad, she’s still your mother, and she made you your vitamin water. You complain it tastes weird but she tells you take it anyways. Things go black for a second, you wake up on the floor, naked and… what is happening? Why does your mom look so… massive. You’re dizzy and try to get up. She tells you she shrunk you, and now you will be her tiny slave. She start to panic as your mother gets dangerously close to stepping on you. But she knows you’re there. She sits down on the floor in front of you. Her feet are gigantic, her legs, massive. She tells you you’re not even her son anymore, just her play thing. She tells you to rub her feet. You resist and she smacks her foot down to remind you who’s in charge here. You start massaging her feet, and even from all the way up here, she can see your huge hardon. She knew it. You’ve always had a thing for her feet. She wants more from you now. She wants you to lick her feet, she wants to feel your tiny tongue between her toes. She’s feeling generous, she gives her permission to rub your cock on her feet. You do so aggressively. You cum, its so small she barely noticed. But now, she has this naughty idea. She picks you up, and starts to lick you, everywhere. She gets your tiny, naked body completely soaked with her saliva and your cum. You squirm. You cant escape her huge wet tongue. She smells you, you smell so good. She thinks maybe she could eat you, have you as her tiny snack. You look scared, she tells you she’s joking..or is she? She snaps her huge teeth at you and laughs. She opens her mouth really wide and….. changes her mind. She thinks she wants to play some more with her tiny slave. She starts licking you again, and noticing you came. She’s alright with that, she’s satisfied now. And she reminds you, you’ll get to play these games with her day after day after day.


Harley Sin - Giantess Mommy Makes Son Her Tiny Slave

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