Goddess Stella Sol - Pillow Humper

Goddess Stella Sol – Pillow Humper

Mommy’s feeling very snarky tonight so if you think I’m going to be all lovey dovey you can think again. Mommy knows you’ve been perving in My lingerie drawer and have even been trying things on. How fucked are you really? Well. it should be known that I hide a camera in My bedroom and now have video proof of you wearing your step Mommy’s bras and panties. HAHA! Busted! I want you to punch your cock and balls for being a bad boy. After that you’re going to hump your pillow like a horny little freak just to get that filth out. It’s funny to Me that you can’t get hard anymore unless Mommy is there humiliating you. you’re such a pathethic boy and you are only growing more stupid by the day. Hump whatever Mommy says and when I count you down, you cum and then nap on it all night long.


Goddess Stella Sol - Pillow Humper

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