Goddess Natalie - Hot step-mum teaches you about cuckoldin

Goddess Natalie – Hot step-mum teaches you about cuckoldin

You come back home feeling a little confused, after having caught your girlfriend fucking another guy. You went to see her and the door was open, so you went in and didn’t expect her to have guests, so you thought you’d surprise the love of your life. Little did you know that you were up for a surprise, yourself. She was having the time of her life with a hot, tall, bulky black man with one of the biggest cocks you’ve ever seen. You only saw cocks this big in porn. So you didn’t want to say anything and sneaked in a corner to watch. The weird thing is that you got horny and liked seeing her with a much manlier guy than you are. You then sneaked into the bathroom to jerk off before leaving in a rush, so she doesn’t know that you know. You still have no idea what just happened and what to do next, but you think you hot step-mum might know, since she seems like the kind of woman with a lot of experience when it comes to sex. You go into her room and ask if you could talk, and then share your experience with her. It somehow turns out that it runs in the family, cause you’re not the only one to have a cuckold fetish haha 🙂 but she decides to be sweet and introduce you to the fetish that is about to change your life forever: cuckolding. Get ready, little one, you’re about to learn a lot, so you better get a pen and paper 😉


Goddess Natalie - Hot step-mum teaches you about cuckoldin

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