Amedee Vause - I Need Your Cum

Amedee Vause – I Need Your Cum

Hi, step-son! No, no, don’t go to your room yet, you just stay there, we have something important to talk! First, I found your green-stash. Aaand a bottle of wine (it was delicious, you got fine taste and all…) but your step-father, actually wouldn’t be too happy to hear about it, huh? He was complaining about your studies, they are not going well, and apparently this is the reason you’ve got bad results in school: you smoke! I know how grass smells and I was utterly surprised to smell it around the house. Than, one day I was simply cleaning your room, no malicious intentions, and I found it. I’m so sure you don’t want Step-Dad to find out about it… right? What are you thinking, step-son? Yes, I know I’m your step-mother and you should respect me. Now look: I won’t tell on you if you help me with something really really sensitive. I keep your secret and you keep mine, deal? Well, let me tell you a little story first: your step-father is a wealthy man whom I love, but to secure my relationship I need to give birth to an heir, which will tie us forever. We tried, went through a few test and I’ve been told that your step-father is… kind of sterile. His little swimmers are just a few and they’re too slow. Of course, he has no idea, something like this will ruin his mood and I need viable, fresh cum from someone young like you to have that offspring we’ve been waiting for all this year! So, will you help me?


Amedee Vause - I Need Your Cum

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