Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige - Ghost Possesses Step-Mom and Seduces Her Step-Son, POV - HD 1080p

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige – Ghost Possesses Step-Mom and Seduces Her Step-Son, POV – HD 1080p

All family clips are required to have “step” in the descriptions.
It had been a long trip across the country to get to Grandma’s house. “I know we don’t usually stay here,” Step-Mom began to say, “but it’s cheaper than staying in a hotel. We have a lot to do with the family tomorrow since we don’t get to see them very often.”
So, as Step-Mom had said several times, that meant no staying up all night to play video games. “I will come in there and snatch that iPad right out of your hand,” she threatened, “and your Switch. Don’t test me…you ARE spending time with Grandma.”
With a reminder to shower and brush your teeth, she sent you off to another bedroom so she could go to rest. “I don’t remember it being this cold,” she shivered, wrapping the blanket tightly around her body. “Is it impolite to change someone’s thermostat?”
What she didn’t know was that the house was haunted. Unseen ghosts were flying by her as she laid in bed causing the temperature to drop in the room. In the middle of the night, her eyes jolted open as a spirit possessed her body. She quickly sat up with wide, blank eyes, then smiled.
“Nice…” the spirit said as he examined the blonde’s body he had just possessed. “This beats that fat fuck from last week! Check you out, girl. Oh, I’m going to have some fun with you.” He went to explore every inch of her – groping her perky tits and juicy ass, then masturbating inside of her gorgeous body.
“Wait a minute…” he stopped, “wasn’t she talking to someone? Who was she talking to earlier? Her step-son…I bet I can make this a lot more fun.” He rushed to get the blonde’s clothes back on, then hollered in a sugary, sweet voice for her step-son to come into the room. “Sweetheart, could you come in here, please?” he asked.
She had woken you up, and you entered the bedroom with tired, half-opened eyes. “Hey honey,” she began to say, “so you’ve been doing everything I told you to do, right? Well, I want to have some fun!” Wait…what? She was acting really weird, and what did she mean by “fun”?
“Come here…” she said seductively, then got up and wrapped her hand around your cock, “how does that feel? Has Step-Mommy ever grabbed your cock before? You like that? Oh, I bet you do.” You didn’t know what to do – was this really happening? She had never acted this way before.
“Look me in the eyes,” she smiled devilishly, but you knew it was wrong. After all, she was your step-mom. “You got hard…you know what that means, right?” Without hesitation, she wrapped her warm, wet mouth around your throbbing cock. You didn’t want to enjoy it, but it felt so good. “Do you like it when your step-mommy sucks your cock?”
“Take a look at these…” she slipped off her shirt to expose her tits, then threw her panties to the side. “Let’s fuck. Come here, little boy. That’s right, get that cock in me!” She grabbed your cock and forced it inside her tight, wet hole.
You thrusted in and out of her as she moaned wildly. “You’re going to make your step-mommy cum,” she said. “Harder! You wanna cum in me? You can’t stop now!” You fucked her until you both orgasmed. Just then, without your knowledge, the spirit left your step-mother’s body.
Her eyes widened in horror when she saw you on top of her completely naked. “Oh my god!” she freaked out and covered her bare body with the blanket. “Get out, get out, get out!”


Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige - Ghost Possesses Step-Mom and Seduces Her Step-Son, POV - HD 1080p

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