Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina - Step-Son's Dick Size: Step-Mom Helps Step-Son Feel Better about His Dick, POV - HD 1080p

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina – Step-Son’s Dick Size: Step-Mom Helps Step-Son Feel Better about His Dick, POV – HD 1080p

Oh…hey honey, what are you doing in here? Are you okay? You look kind of frazzled. Wha-what? I’m sure you’re fine, you have nothing to worry about. Don’t worry about other guys’ sizes, every guy brags about their dicks being so big, but most guys have a pretty normal dick – like your step-father’s, he’s average. Yours is probably not small at all. I think you’re just obsessing. Are you watching too much porn where the guys have really insane, big ones? It’s not realistic.
You wanna show me? No, no, I don’t need to see it, don’t show me. Why do you need me to see it? I’m sure everything’s fine, you’re probably average just like the other boys in school.
You’re not going to give up, are you? Okay, I…guess you can show me. I’m just going to give my opinion and that’s it, nothing else. And then you’ll know that there’s nothing to worry about. I guess you can go ahead and take off your pants…are your pants off?
You look average! I mean, it’s kind of limp, so I can’t really tell because some guys are growers, but even your limp dick looks average. Well then, you’re going to have to tug it a few times if you want me to look at it while it’s full erect. Give it a few tugs. I’ll look away to give you your privacy while you do that. There’s nothing to be nervous about, I’m your step-mother. You don’t have to be shy – you’re the one who wanted me to look at it!
It seems like you’re having a hard time…come over here, let Step-Mommy help you. Step-Mommy’s going to help you get it nice and hard, and once I give you my opinion, you can get up out of here with the understanding that your dick isn’t small. Let me know when it’s at full erection. I already feel it getting bigger and harder in my hand.
You don’t have to look at me, I’m not looking at you. It looks normal, it’s definitely not a small penis. You also don’t have a monster penis, which you should be grateful for, because you’d be scaring girls away. Your dick looks just like your step-father’s dick. And I’ve been with your step-father and we obviously had no problem with his dick because you’re here.
You should have no problem with girls. There’s nothing to worry about. In fact, you look a little above average – a lot of girls will like that. But now you have a hard-on. It’s going to hurt if you don’t take care of it, you know? You’re going to have to cum. You want Step-Mommy to take care of it? I can show you how a girl would enjoy someone with your dick size, and meanwhile, we’ll take care of that hard-on, okay?


Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina - Step-Son's Dick Size: Step-Mom Helps Step-Son Feel Better about His Dick, POV - HD 1080p

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