FifiFoxxFantasies - Carmen Valentina, Lenna Lux - Mom, Sister, Brother in Quarantine, POV

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina, Lenna Lux – Mom, Sister, Brother in Quarantine, POV

Carmen Valentina, Lenna Lux, mom, brother and sister, POV, the Covid pandemic has everything closed and everyone in quarantine, siblings are frustrated because they’re not allowed to see their boyfriend and girlfriend, mom knows they’re sexually frustrated and pent-up, she tells them she’s horny too and suggests that they help one another out, she knows it’s an awkward situation so she starts things off by stripping down and tells them to follow her lead, siblings are uncomfortable but mom guides and joins them in a pleasurable sexual experience together, virtual handjob & virtual blowjob from mom and sister, virtual pussy eating with mom and sister, pussy licking, virtual sex with mom and sister, missionary, sex with mom, brother fucks sister, brother creampies sister, family threesome, family sex, MILF, older woman, teen, brunette, boy girl girl, BGG, fauxcest** “I know everyone’s stir crazy,” Mom began to say, “but it’s not my fault we’re in this lockdown and that we can’t go anywhere.” Everything was messed up and closed because of the Covid pandemic and the only thing you and your sister, Lenna, could do was watch TV and play video games. “You guys have to get in a better mood,” she said frustrated, “I’m not gonna put up with this.” The two of you were angry and cranky because you weren’t allowed to leave the house to see anyone, which meant you couldn’t see your girlfriend and Lenna couldn’t see her boyfriend. “You need to get rid of all that negative, pent-up energy,” she told Lenna. “What do you do with your boyfriend that you want to see him so bad?” Even though Lenna lied, Mom knew that her super cranky attitude meant she needed something “else” – sex. “I know you’re both really horny,” she said casually. “You can help each other out and you don’t have to tell anyone about it. I’m horny, too. We all have pent-up energy that we need to get out. It’ll feel so much better once we’ve released everything. Don’t you want to show how much you love and care for one another?” She claimed that if the both of you really cared about your family, you’d help each other out. Because it was an awkward situation, Mom said she’d start things out by getting naked and the two of you could simply follow her lead. “We just need some stimulation,” she said, stripping down, “you’ll thank me for this later.” “You’re not seriously going to go along with this, are you?” Lenna gave you a weird look, then turned back towards Mom. “I’m not going to join your weird fuck fest.” But with some encouragement, she eventually stripped down, too, and shifted her eyes uncomfortably as Mom groped her big tits. She then moved towards you to wrap her soft hand around your stiffening cock. “You like when I touch it?” Mom asked with a smile on her face. “See? He’s not even angry anymore, it feels so good.” She motioned for your sister to come over, then continued to join and guide you two into a pleasurable, sexual experience together. As the three of you allowed yourselves to be absorbed in the stimulation, you began to enjoy it. And after you and your family had an amazing orgasm and sweet release, you’d thank your mom, just like she said you would.


FifiFoxxFantasies - Carmen Valentina, Lenna Lux - Mom, Sister, Brother in Quarantine, POV

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