Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina & Akira Shell - Mom's New Punishment: Mom Forces Brother & Sister to Fuck, POV - HD 1080p

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina & Akira Shell – Mom’s New Punishment: Mom Forces Brother & Sister to Fuck, POV – HD 1080p

This is an extreme taboo clip. Designed for those interested in a more intense family experience.
Mom was furious. You had never seen her so mad before in your life. There was no denying it – you and your sister were troublemakers. “Why is it that you and your brother never wanna listen?” Mom snapped at your sister who wasn’t taking this family meeting seriously.
“You wanna go play outside?” Akira turned towards you, which only upset Mom more. “No, you guys aren’t going anywhere! You know what, I’ve been trying to punish you guys and I’m running out of punishments to give you because you guys seem like you just don’t care…”
You two never learned your lesson. On top of that, the both of you were doing poorly in school because you’d rather hang out with your friends, and neither of you ever helped around the house. “I’m getting fucking sick of it,” Mom yelled. “Do you guys even want to do better? Be better?”
Akira let out a big, bored sigh, then pretended to fall asleep on Mom’s shoulder. That was it for Mom. “I have the best punishment for you guys that you aren’t going to want to do,” she went on to say, “and it’s going to traumatize you so much that you’re gonna listen to me afterwards because you’re never going to want to do this punishment.”
“You can stay in that land of delusion you’re living in,” Akira said sarcastically, removing Mom’s hand from her shoulder. “You think I’m delusional?” Mom laughed. “Well, you know what your punishment is, huh? You guys are going to fuck each other – right in front of me. And I’m going to make sure you guys go all the way.”
Akira burst out laughing. “You think I’m fucking joking?” Mom snapped. “You don’t think it’s going to happen?” She stood up, grabbed your sister’s hand, and yanked her over to you – she was going to stroke your limp dick and get it hard.
“No, no, no!” your sister shook her head frantically. “This-this-this is not me doing this!” Mom held down Akira, then gave you a dirty look and threatened to kick you out of the house if you so much as moved away from her hand. “How could you do this to me?!” Akira whined.
“And don’t you run away, you stay right there,” Mom held you in place while she shoved Akira’s head down onto your cock, “and you let your sister suck your fucking dick, okay? And if you don’t listen to me, I’m going to tell people that you fucked each other. And I’ll make you fuck each other again.”
Akira kicked her legs against the bed, but Mom wouldn’t let her up – not until she was satisfied. Mom finally yanked your sister’s head back up, and Akira started coughing and gasping for air. “You get naked right now!” Mom pointed at you. “Take off that fucking shirt.” When Akira refused to strip alongside of you, Mom forced her clothing off of her body and demanded that you touch her tits.
Mom reminded you that there was nowhere else to go – you two were locked in the bedroom and you were going to do exactly what she told you to do. “It’s your brother’s turn,” she said pinning down Akira on the bed, then looking at you, “and you are going to eat her pussy out.”
Your sister tried to fight her off, but all she could do was moan and grunt in pleasure as you licked her pussy. Once Mom was okay with that, she shoved Akira’s head back down onto your cock, then spread her legs. “Get on top of her right now!” Mom commanded. She had forced your sister’s legs open with her own, then pinned arms back so she couldn’t move.
“You’re going to fuck your sister,” Mom said sternly, “and if you don’t, you’re going to get the fuck out of this house.” So, you did what she said – you penetrated your sister’s pussy. Akira cried and whined as you fucked her and came inside of her.
“So, you gonna listen to me from now on?” Mom looked at you and your sister. “Or do you want to keep doing this again and again?” You guys were shocked. Did that actually just happen? Mom told you to get cleaned up, to finish your homework, and to get some chores done around the house. She knew that was a punishment you would never forget.


Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina & Akira Shell - Mom's New Punishment: Mom Forces Brother & Sister to Fuck, POV - HD 1080p

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