Ellie Rowyn - Mommy Makes It Better

Ellie Rowyn – Mommy Makes It Better

Ok, you don’t have to tell me what’s wrong, but I would really appreciate if you did. I’m you’re mom, I know when something’s up! Your girlfriend broke up with you? Why? Because she didn’t want to have sex with you? Wow. Women these days are such prudes. Is there anything I can do to help? Surely there has to be something…Maybe…I could kiss “it” better? How about you take your penis out for me and I’ll show you how a real woman sucks cock. With your dick in my mouth I tell you how sexy and smart you are. I want you to feel good and empowered. Any woman would LOVE to have sex with you. It really is her loss, especially a cock so…well endowed! I then tell you to keep stroking while I take my clothes off. This is how a real woman looks. Do you want to touch? You must get your good looks from me haha (I’m your step mom so that’s impossible, but I like teasing you!). How about you lay back on the bed so mommy can take care of you. Let me make you feel better by showing you how it feels to fuck a grown woman. Does your cock feel so good inside of mommy? I ride you harder and harder before telling you that you can cum inside mommy. Cum for mommy. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, mommy, mommy domme, taboo, mom son, step-mom, pov blowjob, pov, pov sex, pov riding, riding, dildo sucking, striptease, stripping, tattoos, tattooed, redhead, freckles, hairy, hairy bush


Ellie Rowyn - Mommy Makes It Better

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