Dommelia - Lookout For Mummy

Dommelia – Lookout For Mummy

Come in dear, Mummy has got something very important she needs you to do. You’ve always been Mummys favourite son, you’re such a good boy for your Mummy and I was just wondering if you would help me with this little problem I’ve got… You see, I kind of got my dates mixed up and i didn’t realised that your Daddy would be coming home today not tomorrow, and I’ve invited a special friend over for some… “grown up fun”. I can’t have Daddy knowing about it but I’m worried he might come back whilst my special friend is here. So I need you to be a look out for me, okay darling? I need you to stand outside my bedroom door and watch out the window to see if Daddys car come’s back. You can do that for Mummy can’t you darling? You are such a good boy!
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Dommelia - Lookout For Mummy

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