Dina Sky - Widowed Mommy Son's Fantasy

Dina Sky – Widowed Mommy Son’s Fantasy

This was a custom order with a darker themed taboo fantasy. One day your Mom is cleaning up your bedroom and she finds your journal… curious to what it may have In it she opens it quickly to discover some deep fantasies she had no idea you thought about, quickly closing it up trying to regroup herself from the shock. How could this be, my own son has fantasies about being with me? He want to just be me and him forever? He wants to feel me on his cock? This is all too much for her to take in. Later that evening mommy comes into your room to hand you some water, dressed in a robe she looks flustered, she asks if your okay, and some comforting mommy talk before she explains that she and your father just got in argument and she doesn’t want be in the same room with him right now. You suggest she stay in your bed with you for the night… at first resisting she decides to do so. As your own mommy lays right next to you, you can’t help to get hard, trying so hard to think other thoughts you can’t mommy at first is understanding about it and explains its okay, but as you two begin to talk about it, mommy suddenly has other plans in mind, instead she helps you with your hard one by sliding in into her mouth…it feels so good and so wrong at the same time but she keeps going at it, in Lust over her own son’s cock, losing herself amongst the enjoyment until you’ve blown a big load all over mommy face and mouth… something clicks on her and she’s realizes what she’s done, apologetic she hurry’s off, “I shouldn’t have done that son, I am so sorry.. ” remorseful of her actions, she meets with you the next day asking if you wouldn’t mind helping her with some errands in town today since your father is busy with stuff at the house. She tells you she’s sorry about the other night, but let’s just keep it a secret. You volunteer to start up the car and mommy disappears to the neighbors for a little bit. After you’re errands you both get home, mommy thanks you so much for doing that, and turns around to discover your father. A couple of days later.. you both are seated on the bed, mom dressed in all black, a veil over her mascara ruined face as you talk about how beautiful the ceremony was and let’s get our minds off of everything by sharing a bottle. However mommy has maybe done something to it and you find yourself getting very groggy as she starts to undress in front of you trying to understand what’s really going on you have opened your eyes again some time later and mommy is mounted on top of you. She starts to open up about your journal and what she read, she talks about how she didnt want to be the cookie-cutter house wife anymore, she wants to bring out her other side, the wild, crazy, and darker hotter side of mommy, the one where she will take control now. She has you locked in a collar and chain, you can’t believe this is truly happening-no one would suspect anything though and if they did it’ would been pinned on you with what you wrong in your journal. You can’t resist mommy anymore, she undressed you, teases and taunts you with her cleavage, her dark make up, and her seductive words, she takes over, she rides you and bounces all over your cock and you feel helpless but so very much turned on in a twisted fucking way, your truly loving this new mommy, you know that it will be just you and her from now on. After cumming, and making you cum inside of mommy, she makes you commit to her every command forever, you must do what she says from now on or she will punish you.


Dina Sky - Widowed Mommy Son's Fantasy

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