Dina Sky - Convincing Mommy to Be Sneaky Again

Dina Sky – Convincing Mommy to Be Sneaky Again

This was a custom video and second video made following the, “Being Sneaky with Mommy” video. In this video it starts off with more a build up into the thought of getting caught. Mommy walks in on you jerking off in the bathroom upstairs, “what are you doing? Are you crazy?” You figured if you had your cock out jerking it mommy would want to play again but mommy Is taking a much more stern approach this time, I mean it was a nice, it was enjoyable, it was taboo, but she cheated on your father and has to deal with that thought everyday, and to boot its your brother’s birthday this is wrong. You keep trying to convince her to help you taking care of your morning wood like you did before, and in that moment she hears your brother and rushes to close the door, telling you to be quiet. I mean she can’t do this she really can’t, you’re getting closer to her and start rubbing your cock on her ass as she opens the door ajar to tell your brother she’s in there. He’s being quite chatty and wants something from that bathroom, trying not to let your brother know you are in there, your mommy looks for it, but you just want to slide your cock inside of her, and start pulling off her robe her pants down (implied/virtual) and start fucking mommy, while she tries to contain herself, your her son she shouldn’t allow this but it does feel so good. Your brother still very much outside the door, mommy is trying to keep him distracted, but he might be catching on that something is happening by the look on your mommy’s face. It’s to the point now where your going to need to cum she tells you, and jerking you she tells you to cum, (implied cumshot -a big one) all over her tits and hits her eye and face. She should have known you were going to cum so much this morning, she asks for towel to try clean up and opens door to tell your brother she will be right out. She tells you to put your cock away and to leave after she goes downstairs, so nothing is suspected. Later that evening after the festivities ( were celebrating your brothers birthday) it picks back up with your mom on the couch, brother, and father, there distracted which gives you perfect opportunity to take your hard cock out and hit mommy’s face, she demands you put that away. She insists you can’t do that you guys will get caught, but your urge mommy on to jerk you off as you take cock out on the couch, she finally caves and stats giving you a handjob and taking her big tits out trying not to get caught, until your father is looking for something -he and your brother leave, so its gives you perfect opportunity to fuck mommy-pushing her onto couch you slide in and pound her (implied), she thinks your so bad, but loves it, concerned there coming you slide it back in while you watch her tits bounce all over the place, and then she hears footsteps (rather rushed sex) she tells you you need to cum before they get back. She slides you between her tits hoping you’ll cum between them and not as big before they come here. But you give her a very big load of cum on her tits, and another thick load on her face, she rushes to get the blanket to cover up the mess hoping they don’t notice, but do they?

Dina Sky - Convincing Mommy to Be Sneaky Again

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