Caught with Step Moms Panties - Mandy Flores

Caught with Step Moms Panties – Mandy Flores

I would love this filmed from the sons POV. So you can see his cock etc but he doesn’t speak. You will be my playing my mom here (I know, big surprise). Its in the morning and after waking up you have just taken off the panties you wore to sleep and put on fresh panties and go to put them in the hamper in the bathroom. (All panties used the clip are light colored cotton bikinis cut. Victoria’s Secret are the best if you have) You go into the bathroom and you find me playing with some of your dirty panties in the hamper. Suitably shocked and disgusted you tell me to get dressed and come to your room because we need to talk. (you were in middle of getting dressed so you have on a shirt and just your panties and maybe some pantyhose. all panties should be plain cotton bikini style if possible I can send you some if you need ). When I come into your room as you told me to do you are dressed. Something very modest covering your chest all the way to your collarbone, arms at least to your elbows, a skirt (or dress) that goes past your knees, and high heels. and you tell me that you dont like that I am taking your panties. You think it’s wrong and gross etc but you understand that it makes me feel good and isn’t hurting anyone. So if There is something about panties I like at least this way is private and no one else has to know. However, if i need to take your panties I have to ask your permission before I do and if you allow me then I can take them. Or you can just buy me my own. but I don’t want to I just want yours.
You say that is ok but there is No more taking them secretly. You ask if I finished masturbating when you interrupted me and I say I did not finish so you offer to give me the panties you have on at the moment. You get undressed at least down to your bra and panties but could go all the way and take them off (if they could be dirty and stained in the crotch would be amazing) and hand them to me and I begin to jerk off and you offer to help me release and you start giving me a handjob with the panties and then I cum in them. Important to see the cock ejaculate into the panties. Cum should be visible. You act very sweetly throughout this encouraging me to ejaculate into your panties. You then take them back from me with my cum inside them and put them back on just to show me that you don’t have a problem with me using your panties. You tell me that see i dont have a problem with you using my panties to masturbate bec you love me and just want me to be happy (again being very sweet and loving) but I cant be taking things that belong to you without asking. If i ever want them I have to ask you permission and if you don’t help me jack off then when I am done myself I should just leave them on the bathroom counter for you. I’m always welcome to come inside them if I want. You give me a kiss and a hug and I leave your room. ……Mandy Flores

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Caught with Step Moms Panties - Mandy Flores

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