Brandon Areana - Hidden Desire Lessons with Step Mommy

Brandon Areana – Hidden Desire Lessons with Step Mommy

When Step-Mommy Brandon catches you smoking she commands you to her room for a face to face discussion about this. You know how your father feels about me smoking how do you think he will feel knowing his first born son is smoking now too….I can tell by the taste you stole it from me and my secret stash. Tisk, Tisk young man. The Devil’s Lettuce isn’t for youngins. When I was young my cousin was caught smoking cigarettes and my aunt decided that the proper punishment was to sit and smoke the WHOLE pack right then and there. She never ever touched a cigarette again. So I want you to sit down and smoke with me, hold it and follow my instructions. It’s this or I tell your Father of course. We begin smoking and talking and you do as your told. As you get more and more stoned you can’t fight back your hard-on and Step-Mom Brandon notices right away, she teases you with her ample cleavage and eventually takes out her big, all natural tits! She tells you this is your little secret as she starts to stroke your cock too. You smoke and watch her huge tits as she jerks you off and encourages you to cum on her boobs. Very Good. Ssshhhhhhhh This MUST REMAIN our Secret!
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Brandon Areana - Hidden Desire Lessons with Step Mommy

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