Blueberryspice - Mommy Takes Care of You Custom

Blueberryspice – Mommy Takes Care of You Custom

“I am moping around, You are sitting on the couch in a robe, you call me over, I am laying with my head in your lap looking up, as you ask me what is wrong your robe begins to open revealing a sexy bra, You tell me it is okay to look, that mommy is here to take care of me, You say, as you look down at my bulge that it is okay to be hard for mommy and I don’t need to be shy, In a whisper you add “touch your cock if you need to baby, Mommy is here for you,” Mommy undoes her bra and says “that’s right honey just stroke that big cock nice and slow and look at these” Mommy soothes me while I edge, telling me “thats a nice big cock baby, stroke nice and slow for mommy,” Mommy keeps encouraging me, telling me it’s okay to get hard for mommy and to jerk off for mommy, and we can do this again as long as I am a good boy for Mommy after a bit mommy lowers her boobs so I can suckle while I stroke my cock, when I am close Mommy sits up so I can cum on her tits, and then has me lick her clean like a good boy”


Blueberryspice - Mommy Takes Care of You Custom

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