Baby Pickles - Loving Mommy Puts You to Bed

Baby Pickles – Loving Mommy Puts You to Bed

Oh you poor bby! I know that you missing someone who cares… But i have something in my hand, look at this ! This will solve all your problem, i promise ! Everything that you wanted is here, you just have to follow all my instructions like a good boy… Just inhale the aroma, keep it in for a while, and exhale… I want you to stroke for me and imagine all the things that i tell you. I think you have a great imagination, so you will feel like you are almost there… I know that you have this taboo fantasy about your own step-mommy, and i’m here to support your fetish ! Don’t be shy, i accept your kink so just stroke as you used to, and inhale for me! Good boy! I want you to immerse yourself in this dark desire , and masturbate while i talk about your step-mother. I will tell you what you would do with her and how, and you will reach your greatest orgasm ever ! After this experience you will never be able to have normal sex again, you will long for aroma and your step-mother big time ! You will relapse-fantasy, you will come back and sniff for me like a good lil’ pervert…


Baby Pickles - Loving Mommy Puts You to Bed

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