Baal Eldritch - You are not my Step Son ATM

Baal Eldritch – You are not my Step Son ATM

I’m sitting on the toilet and a strange feeling has come over me: someone is watching… And i was fucking right! Damn! My own step-son is there, and even stroking his dick! What the Hell is this? This will make me super mad! I cannot see him as my step-son anymore, i see him something low, something unwanted, something disgusting like a: pig ! I want to humiliate and destroy him! I am fucking angry ! I wont allow him to masturbate ever again , yet i will dehumanize him and use him daily as my human toilet paper and wet wipe. From now on i wont even buy any product like those, just call him to use his filthy mouth. The worst thing that i see his fucking bulge… DISGUSTING! Its not a human, just a fart pig, a sewer, a fucking toilet! A pee drinker , fart eater filthy fucking tool ! I will only use him for that from now on, this is what he deserves! (This is the edited caviar version with Ass worship and rimming instructions.)


Baal Eldritch - You are not my Step Son ATM

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